NEW—the Embodied Soul Podcast (ESP) with L.R. Heartsong

What does it mean to be fully ensouled on the human journey? Join healer & award-winning author L.R. Heartsong as he explores the challenges and gifts, from vibrant health and well-being, to finding our path of heart and core energy, all while awakening to our highest nature. This is the evolutionary & embodied soul.

“Thank you for your thoughtful comments and profound podcast episodes on ancestor work!” — Nate, NYC

“River never disappoints; he always opens new vistas. Join the journey!” – Roger C. 

“Thank you for creating this!” – Jocelyn M. 

“How delicious to listen as I do my Sunday cooking!” – Marie S.

“I’ve listened to all the podcast episodes and wow, what a gift! Thank you for this offering! They are soothing and help me spiral back into the heart/center, and there have also been plentiful synchronicities hidden in them.” – Paul P.

ESP is available on SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts, and RSS.

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